Application For Enrollment 2020-2021 School Year

    Parent or Guardian 1


    Before continuing application, please be sure that you can check all three boxes below

    My Child...

    Parent or Guardian 2



    School/Group Care

    1. Has your child attended preschool or been in group care before? (Please include names and dates of other preschools or child care centers attended.)

    2. How does your child interact with others in a group setting?

    3. Has your child had any testing or other evaluations (i.e. developmental, behavioral, speech) that we should be aware of?


    1. Please describe your child's temperament and personal strengths. 

    2. Does your child have any significant fears or apprehensions? Please describe.

    Child Preferences

    1. What experience/interest does your child have with nature and spending time outdoors?

    2. What does your child love to do? (favorite activities, interests, types of play)

    3. How does your child learn best?


    1. Who usually cares for your child at home?

    2. Names and ages of siblings, and a short description of child's relationship with siblings.

    3. Please describe any significant family events (i.e. recent move, change in family structure). 

    4. What discipline methods are used at home? How does your child respond to discipline?

    Self Care

    1. What can your child do for him/herself? (i.e. washing hands, eating, dressing)?

    2. What will your child need help with at preschool?


    1. What are you hoping this preschool program will give your child?

    2. Is there anything else you would like us to know about your child or family?